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Back to Basics: SMaSH Brewing + Recipes

Let's get back to basics and brew a SMaSH with these sample SMaSH recipes!

Homebrewed Hard Lemonade

I’m a strong believer in having a non-beer option on tap as part of my homebrew lineup. I like to make homebrew tasting a large part of the experience of visiting my home, and I think that having a non-beer option is a great way to avoid excluding people who don’t drink beer from the experience. Even beer lovers will enjoy a glass of this light, refreshing hard lemonade!

10 Homebrewing Gifts Under $20 for Father’s Day 2019

There are an unlimited number of amazing upgrades you can get for Dear Old Dad, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on items you can get for under $20 to help him step up his homebrewing game.

Infographic: How to Make a Yeast Starter

A yeast starter is something anyone can do to improve their homebrewing process! Yeast starters provide your beer with a higher number of yeast cells, which helps to avoid problems like stuck fermentations, stressed yeast producing off flavors, or increased lag time where bacteria can take over the wort.

How to Clean a Corny Keg Step-By-Step

Keeping your kegs clean and properly sanitizing them prior to filling them is an incredibly important practice for homebrewers.

Going Pro Article Series: Ty Stevenson of Waters Brewer, A Brewer’s Story, and Keglet

An interview with Ty Stevenson of Waters Brewer, A Brewer's Story, and Keglet on how he built his businesses.

Basic All-Grain Brewing Instructions

Basic step-by-step instructions for an all-grain brew day!

Homebrew Fail: John’s Caramel Apple Death Liquor

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!

Experiment! Primary in Plastic Fermenter vs. Glass-Only Fermentation

I have been curious about the effect of fermenter material on the flavor/fermentation of beer, but never did a controlled experiment to determine whether it actually made any difference. Until now!

All About Hops

Let’s explore the magic plant that makes our beer so hoppy and delicious!

Embracing the Haze: WTF is a NEIPA?

It’s safe to say that it’s time to embrace the haze.