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What is BrewTogether?

BrewTogether is a completely free social network built by homebrewers for homebrewers. It combines the experience of a homebrewing Facebook group with the experience of a forum website, allowing you to create a profile, add friends, share photos and video, and ask questions just like on Facebook, but with the added benefit of organized, searchable discussion boards that you can refer back to again and again.

BrewTogether also provides free resources like downloadable guides and worksheets, calculators, and homebrewing articles. We partner with homebrewers, professional brewers, brewery owners, and other brewing-related businesses to bring you awesome insight into how they started their businesses and how you can too.

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Why BrewTogether?

I’ve always felt that the ingredients to the perfect beer were water, grain, hops, yeast, and most importantly, friends. When I think about my favorite beers, it occurs to me that the reason I love them so much is that each is tied to a specific memory. Heavy Seas Loose Canon IPA, one of my all time favorites, reminds me of a perfect day, years ago, sitting on the beach in Virginia with my family. O’Connor’s El Guapo Agave IPA will always remind me of my wedding reception, where it was the beer of choice (and we drank a lot of it!). There are obviously tons of resources online for home brewing beer, but to me they all missed one incredibly important aspect of brewing: Who you brew with, because brewing beer is better together. BrewTogether isn’t just about brewing, it’s about you!

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