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    I’ve brewed three batches of Cascade SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beers over the last couple of years, as it is a simple beer to brew that most everybody seems to enjoy. However this last time we wanted to try something a little different, so because of my love of Mosaic Hops, we tried substituting Mosaic for Cascade. Same exact recipe, same amounts and timing on the hop additions (see Cascade SMaSHbeer recipe in the Brewtogether Recipe Ideas Forum) except that I didn’t have any fresh whole-cone Mosaic, so it was all with pelletized hops. We just tapped the keg a couple of days ago and were very happy with the result! Crisp and light in body, but still very flavorful. Definitely a good summertime beer. I can’t say for sure if it was because of the Mosaic hops or if I just got lucky on this particular batch, but both my wife and I might like it even better than the Cascade SMaSH. So how about everyone else out there – has anyone tried any unusual grain and hop combinations with SMaSH brews? How did they come out? I’d love to hear any ideas or suggestion. Happy Brewing!!

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