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  • John

    September 8, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    I’m pretty impressed with this brewery cleaner from SAFECID! Have any of you tried this yet? I let an old brew kettle get very dirty and let the grime harden out in the sun to see how well the cleaner worked and it stripped it right off with no problems. The cleaner seems more gentle than PBW and t didn’t have any smell or fumes, but it clearly worked well. I didn’t do any hard scrubbing, I just let the cleaner and hot water solution sit in the kettle for about 10-15 minutes per step. It was also very easy to rinse off, which was a plus. Apparently the stuff works even better when recirculating, so I am planning on using this to clean my Anvil Foundry next time I brew as well. It’s pretty cool stuff and I would definitely use it again! I’ll report back on how it does cleaning the anvil and recirculating.

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