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    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share a recipe that I threw together at the last second with largely just things I had on hand for an impromptu brew day. I just took the first sip of it and it’s actually pretty good! It’s hazy/New England-ISH, but not really a NEIPA. It’s a little hazy (that may clear after I get the first pint or two out of the keg), relatively low bitterness, and some really good hop aroma/flavor. Let me know your thoughts!

    11 lb. of 2-row
    1 lb. Munich
    0.5 lb. caramel 40°L

    60 min mash at 153, 10 minute mash out at 168.

    1oz homegrown Cascade at 60 minutes
    1/2 oz homegrown Cascade at 45 minutes
    1 oz Pink Boots Blend (citra, mosaic, simcoe) at 15
    1/2 oz Pink Boots at 0
    1/2 oz Mighty Axe Orange Julius @ 0

    Dry hopped in secondary with 1/2 oz Pink Boots and 1/2 oz Mighty Axe Orange Julius.

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