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    I’m brewing beer for a friend’s wedding and I’m hoping to do a non-beer option for people as well so that non-beer drinkers can still have something cold and carbonated on tap. I was thinking about doing a cider, but to be honest my ciders are still kind of hit and miss, and cider doesn’t really appeal to non-beer drinkers all the time anyway.

    I was kicking around making a hard lemonade with grain alcohol and carbonating in a keg, but I really like the idea of actually brewing everything I give them for their wedding. Have any of you made hard lemonade before? I have been looking into something like the Skeeter Pee here – except that I don’t want to have something that is like 10% alcohol at this thing. I think being somewhere between 5-6% is a much safer bet so that we don’t end up with a bunch of super drunk people.

    After looking online at several recipes, this is the approximate recipe I’m thinking for a 5 gallon batch – thoughts?

    2 bottles of 32 oz 100% lemon juice
    4 lbs sugar to ferment
    3 tsp. yeast nutrient
    1 tsp. yeast energizer
    4 1/2 gallons water
    EC-1118 yeast

    To stabilize:
    Potassium metabisulfite
    Potassium sorbate

    After stabilization:
    1 bottle of 32 oz 100% lemon juice
    2 lbs sugar to back-sweeten

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