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    I learned my lesson and I swear I’ll never be that lazy when kegging again. I brewed a NEIPA that was a PITA to keg and got annoyed and just let a bunch of hop matter into the keg from the fermenter. I went to pull my first pint from it and made it about halfway before the flow trickled to a stop. The first try was to just pull the post off, clean out the post and dip tube and try again. By the third try I found the short term solution which was to attach a silicone hose to the dip tube and push out the junk at the bottom of the keg. The long term solution is a floating dip tube…and not being so damn lazy when I keg!

    Floating Dip Tube: https://www.morebeer.com/products/floating-dip-tube-1.html?a_aid=BrewTogether

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    Floating dip tubes certainly make life a lot easier and I have them on all of my kegs now. I recommend also adding the filter for them if you’re concerned about clogs. For $3.00 it’s pretty cheap insurance. https://www.morebeer.com/products/floating-dip-tube-filter-attachment.html?a_aid=BrewTogether

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