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  • Greg Scott
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    Calling all brewmasters!

    Has anyone dabbled with biotransformation to get different flavors?

    I haven’t tried it myself as I just learned about it through an article in a brewing FB group.

    Once you start learning about it you practically need a degree in biochemistry.

    Has anyone put on the lab coat and had any success with this?

    Try this article here.

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    I have not but sounds very interesting!

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      This is a seriously interesting question! Definitely one for the Brewmasters!

      We’ll do some more research on this for sure, but for anyone who’s interested in the ultra-simplified version: When the yeast eat the hop oils in your wort, they can sometimes transform them into entirely different chemical compounds than they were initially, which can drastically change the hop aroma and flavor profile in your finished beer. The idea of actually harnessing this process to purposefully affect the flavors of your beer sounds like it would be incredibly complex.

      We’re also really interested to know if any of you have dabbled with this process. We’ll admit, this one might be over our heads!

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