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    Ramesh Pandey
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    I have asked a few people the best way to add a coffee flavor to a stout and I have gotten a few different answers and I wondered which you all thought was best. Some people say to add the beans directly, some say coarse ground, some make a strong pot of coffee and add it, some use cold brewed coffee. Also, some say to add in the boil, some in fermentation, some in the bottles. What do you think the best way to add coffee is to homebrew?

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    In the past I have just added cold brew when I keg, but the president of my homebrew club game me this advice that I’m going to try next time I brew something with coffee:

    Just lightly grind some nice dark roasted beans and pit them in a beer bottle. Fill the bottle to cover the beans only then cap. Shake every day. On day 5 dump in the fermenter. Bottle 5 days later.

    Use hot coffee as the base for your bottling sugar solution instead of water. Rack onto sugar coffee then bottle. Or dump half a pot of dark roast into the keg and rack onto it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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