Brown Ale

“Jug O’ Brown” Ale

Print Recipe "Jug O' Brown" Ale Simple crowd-pleaser, always great to have on tap! Servings: 10 Gallons IngredientsMalt18 lbs Pale 2-Row Malt2 lbs Crystal (Caramel) Malt (60L)1 lb Crystal (Caramel) Malt (20L)1 lb CaraPils Malt1 lb Flaked Oats12 oz Chocolate Malt4 oz Black Patent Malt4 oz Brown Malt You could substitute coffee malt for the brown maltHops2 oz East Kent Goldings First Wort Hop2 oz Liberty 30 Minutes2 oz Willamette 5 Minutes2 oz Liberty FlameoutYeast2 Packets US-04 Safale Yeast InstructionsMash at 154 degrees for 60 minutes Sparge as usual Boil for 60 minutes adding hops per the schedule above Cool to 68 degrees, pitch yeast Primary fermentation - 14 days at 66-68 degrees Rack to secondary fermentation - 21 days at 66-68 degrees Keg/carbonate/bottle as usual Enjoy!