The 12 Best All-In-One Electric Brewing Systems [2023]

While many brewers are more than happy to continue making the best beers they can with a couple of coolers, a kettle, and a propane burner (here’s a list of our favorite propane burners if that’s you!), many others are moving towards brewing on electric all-in-one brewing systems. All-in-one brewing systems offer a “turn-key” solution for all-grain brewing. They combine the mash, sparge, boil, chilling, and even fermentation process in a single machine. They are fully electric and complete systems, which removes the need for propane, burners, or a boil kettle. This all-grain equipment allows an all-grain brewer to brew indoors anytime.

Still not sure whether you should choose a propane or electric system? Here’s a full comparison of the pros and cons of each!

All-in-one electric brew systems eliminate the need for large, bulky equipment like a traditional 3-vessel system, and use substantially less space. Most of them can even sit on a kitchen counter. They simplify the all-grain brewing process by automating the process with a “set it and forget it” approach to brewing. This can increase the consistency of your beer by reducing potential human error in the brewing process and timing. Interested? Here is a comparison of the best electric brewing systems!

How to Choose an All-In-One Electric Brewing System

Before choosing a system, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to brew using extract or all-grain processes?
  • Do you have 110v or 220v power supply?
  • What is your experience level in brewing? Will you actually use the features of the all-in-one brewing system?
  • How much space do you have for brewing?
  • What batch size do you want to brew?
  • What level of automation do you want? How involved in the brewing process do you want to be?
  • How much flexibility do you want in your system? Do you want to brew the exact same way every time?
  • What price are you willing to pay for additional features and quality?

The Best All-In-One Electric Brewing Systems Comparison Chart

Detailed information about each system is below. This chart summarizes the information for ease of comparison:

Click Here to Download BrewTogether’s All In One Electric Brewing Systems Comparison Chart

The Best All-In-One Electric Brewing Systems

Anvil Foundry™

The Anvil Foundry is, in our opinion, the overall best dollar-for-dollar all-in-one brewing system in this list at this price point. In fact, we brew most of our batches these days on the Anvil Foundry 10.5 Gallon with Pump System and we LOVE it! Several owners of other systems on this list, even when reporting complete satisfaction with the system they own, stated that if they were to purchase an all-in-one brewing system today, it would be the Anvil Foundry™. There is virtually no negative feedback about this product. It is a safe purchase that you’re almost guaranteed to be happy with.

The Anvil Foundry™ is packed with features and boasts a larger grain capacity and better efficiency than comparable systems. It is switchable between 120v with a total output of 1600 watts and 240v with a total output of 2800 watts. This allows for complete flexibility and substantially faster heating and boiling times. It features three heating elements, allowing ultra-low watt density and avoiding wort scorching. The onboard digital power control allows for very precise control of mash temperatures. The double wall insulation maintains consistent mash temperatures and increases heating speeds. The built-in stainless steel immersion chiller rapidly cools wort and the valve system makes transferring to a fermenter a breeze. Finally, the Anvil Foundry™ features a proprietary high-flow grain basket / malt pipe that reduces the risk of stuck sparges.

The Anvil Foundry™ comes in two sizes, and each size can be purchased either with or without a pump:

Overall, the Anvil Foundry™ is the overall highest rated option on this list. In our opinion, it is the best dollar-for-dollar all-in-one electric brewing system available. It is an awesome product at a reasonable price that users can’t recommend enough.

BrewZilla v3.1.1 All Grain Brewing System

The BrewZilla v3.1.1 (previously called the Robobrew v3) is a complete all-in-one electric home brewery system. It features a built in control panel, elements for heating the mash and boiling, a removable grain basket, and a built in valve. The controller allows for programmable mash schedules and delayed start to set up your brew day in advance. The BrewZilla’s built in control panel eliminates the need to use a smartphone app and rely on wifi connectivity, however does not allow you to monitor the progress of your brew remotely.

The standard version of the BrewZilla runs on 110v power, making it easy to use immediately for most U.S. households. Some users have noted that the 110v power does increase the time it takes to reach a boil. There is a 220v version available which decreases the time it takes to reach a boil and provides a more rigorous boil. This unit has two heating elements, one at 1000 watts and one at 500 watts, which allows for more control and a total output of 1500 watts of heating power. The BrewZilla also allows for automatic step mashing with up to 6 individual mash temperatures and durations.

The BrewZilla has a total capacity of 9 gallons, which allows for a finished beer output of 5-6 gallons depending on the amount of grain (approximately an 18lb grain capacity). It has a built in wort chiller, meaning that the entire process other than fermentation can be completed in a single vessel and then easily transferred to the fermenter of your choice, freeing the system back up to brew again. To get the Wort Chiller Connection Kit for free from MoreBeer, add the connector kit to your cart along with the BrewZilla and use code ZILLAKIT at checkout!

Want something bigger?

If you’re looking for a system with a larger capacity, the BrewZilla also comes in a 220v, 17 gallon system that is more than capable of handling 10 gallon batches. It features 15amps with over 3 kilowatts of power, which powers three ultra-low watt density elements of 2,000, 1,000, and 500 watts each, for a total heating power of 2,500 watts. We recommend checking this system out on MoreBeer, where you can get the Wort Chiller Connection Kit for free by adding the system and chiller kit to your cart and adding promo code “ZILLAKIT” at checkout.

The GrainFather G30 Connect

The GrainFather G30 Connect has a ton of advanced features without the price tag of some of the more advanced all-in-one electric brewing systems available. It runs on standard 110-120v household power and has a 1600 watt heating element. It is constructed from 304 stainless steel and has a tempered glass lid for mash insulation. The GrainFather G30 Connect’s built-in MagDrive Pump runs at 1800rpm (6 Watt), and includes a stainless steel pump filter and an insulated recirculation pipe.

The GrainFather G30 Connect has an 8 gallon capacity. It features an expandable grain basket for mashing that can hold up to 20lbs of grain. This is a higher capacity than many of the lower-priced systems, which allows you to make higher-gravity beers. Rather than a built-in immersion chiller like most all-in-one electric brewing systems, the GrainFather G30 Connect includes a high quality counterflow chiller that attaches to the system.

There are several accessories available for The GrainFather G30 Connect, including a conical fermenter, hop spider, insulation jacket, sparge water heater, fermenter cooling kit, and glycol chiller.

The feature that really sets The GrainFather G30 Connect apart from the competition is the bluetooth connectivity and integration with a mobile app. It comes with a Connect Control Box and access to the Connect App for Android or iOS. This allows for complete control of the brewing process from your smartphone. The app allows you to fill The GrainFather G30 Connect with water the night before an early brew day and set the timer to automatically begin heating strike water before you even wake up. The GrainFather G30 Connect also allows for programmable step mashing, and the PID algorithm maintains more stable heating and allows for power output control. Despite the advanced features, it has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes brewing easier than ever. 

GrainFather users are extremely happy with this all-in-one brewing system and it comes highly recommended. The only issues reported are the occasional clog or stuck sparge, and that the bluetooth doesn’t always connect perfectly. While it obviously comes in at a higher price than many of the other systems in this list, it is by far the most advanced system under $1,000.00, and if you can afford it, it’s an exceptional machine. The GrainFather G30 Connect is $999.99, but comes with everything you need to start brewing great beer on day one.

Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil

The Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil is an affordable system coming in at only $299.99 for the version without a pump. It’s an exceptional all-in-one brewing system for the cost, and boasts many of the same features that more expensive systems have for a fraction of the cost. It runs on standard 110v household power, making it a convenient and portable system that can be used immediately.

It has a double-wall stainless steel body that helps it maintain consistent mash temperatures and its 1600 watt heating element helps achieve a rolling boil as fast as possible without the need for a dedicated 220v outlet. The Mash and Boil can mash up to 16 lbs. of malt and boil up to 7.5 gallons of water. The internal sparging basket allows you to mash, sparge, and boil all in the same vessel. The Mash and Boil does not come with a chiller, so you will need to provide your own counterflow, plate, or immersion chiller to cool your wort before transferring it to a fermenter. 

The Mash and Boil features a delayed start timer that allows you to add your water the night before, set it, and have it at temperature and ready to brew automatically. 

Users did report limitations of this system, including temperature fluctuation during the mash. While this may not be a huge issue for the average homebrewer, it can impact your beer. If you’re planning to compete, or if brewing very consistent beers is important to you, you may run into issues due to mash temperature fluctuation.

Users also reported that the false bottom in this system may let a little too much grain through, and some even reported using a BIAB grain bag inside of the system to avoid this problem. Overall, this is a great all-in-one brewing system at an extremely reasonable price. The Mash and Boil without the pump is only $299.99, and the version with a built-in pump comes in at only $349.99. If you’re a beginner or are on a tight budget, this is a great all-in-one brewing system to get you started with electric brewing!

The ZyBorg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System

The Zyborg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System is a new addition to the market for all-in-one electric brewing systems. While there are not a lot of reviews out yet, feedback on the ZyBorg has been overall positive. At $549.00 on Adventures in Homebrewing, it’s a little more expensive than an Anvil Foundry or BrewZilla, but it does include a few additional pieces of equipment. The ZyBorg runs on standard 110v power, and its control panel supports programmable mash scheduling. It also includes an immersion wort chiller, a hop filter, a whirlpool arm, and a torpedo screen. The ZyBorg has a 9.25 gallon (35L) capacity. It supports a 5-gallon batch of beer with a maximum grain capacity of about 14 – 15 lbs.

Speidel Braumeister Electric Brewery

If you’re looking for a superior-quality electric all-in-one brewing system, look no further than the Speidel Braumeister Electric Brewery. The Speidel Braumeister was the first electric all-in-one brewing system. In fact, it was designed and patented in Germany over 10 years ago. Unlike the other systems on this list, which are manufactured in China, the Speidel Braumeister is made in Germany.

Because it is manufactured in Germany rather than China, and with the increased build quality, it has a much higher price than the other systems on this list. It’s high price point comes with unbeatable quality and some impressive features. Features include the controller’s ability to store up to ten unique recipe schedules for easy repeat brewing. 

The Speidel Braumeister systems require 220v-230v. Unless you already have a dedicated 220v outlet where you want to brew, you will need to hire an electrician. This system includes a 2,000 watt heat element for rapid heating and sustainment of a rolling boil.

If you’re considering a Speidel Braumeister but are having trouble choosing a system without the bluetooth or wifi connectivity that the Grainfather G30 Connect has, you will be happy to know that Speidel has an optional WiFi Unit Upgrade, which allows you to control the entire brewing process using your Braumeuster and any Windows 7 or higher PC connected on the same WiFi network. This module will also allow you to update the firmware on your Speidel Braumeister.

There are several models available, depending on the size you want. The most popular model, the Speidel Braumeister Plus Electric Brewery – 20 L produces 23 liters of wort (about 5.5 gallons), which produces approximately 5 gallons of fermented beer. The Speidel Braumeister 20L model includes a 23-watt pump for recirculation and transfer, and has a maximum grain capacity of 13.2 lbs.

Speidel also has a 10L Braumeister for small batches, as well as a 50L system that is perfect for 10 gallon batches. If you’re looking for a substantial upgrade, Speidel even has some commercial-size all-in-one electric brewing systems for professional brewers, including:

While this system is substantially more expensive than others on this list, if you can afford to make the investment, this is an incredible all-in-one electric brewing system!

DigiMash All-Grain Electric Brewing System (Most Affordable Option)

The DigiMash All-Grain Electric Brewing System is the cheapest option on the market. Coming in at only $229.99, this system is by far the least expensive option on this list, but still includes everything you need to start mashing and boiling in a single electric vessel. While it doesn’t have all of the features of the Anvil Foundry or the Robobrew / Brewzilla, it still has a 9 gallon capacity, which allows for a maximum of 18lbs of grain. It features two independent heating elements. For the 110v option, one element is 1000w and the other is 500w for a combined 1500 watts. The elements can be individually controlled to gently hold temperatures or engage both elements to quickly heat the mash or achieve a boil. The 220v option also includes two independent heating elements, one at 1900w and the other is 500w for a combined 2400 watts.

The DigiMash is available in both 110v and 220v options, and there is even a version with a recirculating pump kit (although, at the $329.99 price point for the option with a pump, I recommend upgrading to the next tier of systems which isn’t much more). It doesn’t allow for any programming, either, but still features a digital control panel that makes setting temperatures a breeze. If you are interested in an electric system but can’t justify spending over $400 on a system, this is a great starter system!

Klarstein Maischfest

The Klarstein Maischfest is another inexpensive option for newer brewers looking for an affordable way to start electric all-grain brewing on a budget. The Klarstein Maischfest is available in three sizes:

For a full 5-gallon batch, we recommend sticking with the 35 liter option, which will handle approximately 13 pounds of grain. This system has a 1600 watt heating element and runs off of a standard 110v outlet. It includes a small immersion wort chiller, but does not include a pump for recirculation or transfer. It has a non-programmable digital control panel similar to the DigiMash or Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil. Reviews for this system are generally positive. Some users have cited quality control issues that required a refund or replacement.

The GrainFather G70 All Grain Brewing System

If you were excited by the high-tech features of the GrainFather G30 Connect, but don’t want to be limited to 5 gallon batches, look no further than the GrainFather G70. The GrainFather G70’s 70L capacity is perfect for advanced homebrewers who want to produce larger batches as well as commercial breweries that need a reliable pilot system for testing new recipes. Obviously, at this size, the GrainFather G70 requires 220-240v power. 

The massive 70L preboil capacity provides for a full 15 gallons of wort to be produced,. That makes this a great choice for anyone wanting to brew more beer than the other systems on this list are able to produce. Similarly, the GrainFather G70 can handle a whopping 17kg (37.5 lbs) of grain, meaning that a full 15 gallons of 7.5% ABV beer can be brewed in a single batch.

Like the GrainFather G30 Connect, the GrainFather G70 features smart control and built-in wireless connectivity with the GrainFather App, which provides the user with brewing calculators, tools, and recipes on their smartphone. For homebrewers who do not want to use a phone to control the system, the GrainFather G70 has a built-in control system with a color LCD screen. 

The PID heating control provides precise temperature control during mashing, which produces better, more consistent results. The GrainFather G70’s 3300 Watt conical heating element covers 80% of the surface of the base of the unit, reducing scorching and decreasing heating and boil times. 

Larger systems are often harder to clean, but that’s not the case with the GrainFather G70. It has Clean in Place (CIP) capability, and includes a cleaning filter that can be used for CIP. 

The GrainFather G70 comes with a large counterflow wort chiller (upgraded in size from the one included with the G30), as well as a stronger pump. 

At this size, level of quality, and price point, you can’t do much better than the GrainFather G70 All Grain Brewing System!

The GrainFather G70 All Grain Brewing System is available at the following recommended retailers:

Blichmann BrewEasy™

Ok, the Blichmann BrewEasy isn’t technically an all-in-one electric brewing system. It may have 2 kettles, but it’s too awesome to not include on this list. The Blichmann BrewEasy is a new all-grain brewing system that combines the general approach of no-rinse brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) brewing with the benefits of a recirculating infusion mash system (RIMS). This system uses a mash tun and boil kettle, but removes the hot liquor tank (HLT). Think of it as somewhere about halfway between brewing with a propane burner and two coolers and with one of the other systems on this list. One of the benefits of using a Blichmann BrewEasy system over most of the other designs on this list is the elimination of having to lift the grain basket. 

The really cool thing about the Blichmann BrewEasy is how modular and customizable it is. There are dozens of possible configurations depending on the size you want, whether you prefer it to be electric or gas heated, and what accessories you want to include. Because it’s so modular, we can’t provide an exact set of specs like we can for the other systems on this list. As a general overview, here’s what is included:

For each system option, you get a Mash Tun, which is a Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettle with a G2 valve, AutoSparge hole, and false bottom. You also get a second BoilerMaker Kettle (the bottom kettle) with a valve. You get the BrewEasy Lid Kit, which includes the AutoSparge, the adapter ring, silicone hosing, quick connect fittings, and a temperature sensor fitting. 

For the electric version, you also get the BoilCoil heating element, the BrewCommander control system with temperature sensor, and a Blichmann RipTide Brewing pump (which, by the way, is an amazing pump – here’s a comparison of it to a bunch of other pumps, and it’s a clear winner).

If you opt for a gas heated system, you’ll still get the BrewCommander and the RipTide pump, but you’ll get a Blichmann HellFire burner (which is a great burner – here’s a comparison of it to several other burners and it’s one of the best around) instead of the BoilCoil. 

If you’re interested in the Blichmann BrewEasy, we recommend you check out their product pages on MoreBeer. You’ll be able to easily compare the sizes and kits available for each:

You can also check out the Blichmann BrewEasy on Adventures in Homebrewing here. These systems rarely go on sale, but there may be promotions on MoreBeer or Adventures in Homebrewing occasionally that can provide you with a little bit of a discount. Both of these retailers generally offer free shipping as well. Please note, this is a special order item and may take longer to ship than some other systems on this list.

Clawhammer Supply Electric Home Brewing System

If you’re looking for a premium-level all-in-one electric brewing system, you’ll want to check out the Clawhammer Supply Electric Home Brewing System. Unlike many of the systems on this list, Clawhammer’s system is assembled from modular parts and a stainless steel kettle. This provides an advantage in the event that you experience a component failure, which can be resolved by replacing a part rather than the whole system. 

Clawhammer Supply’s Electric Home Brewing System is available as either a 10 gallon system or a 20 gallon system, and both sizes have the option of 120v or 240v, meaning that you can choose exactly the right system for your needs. There are some variations in what is included with each system depending on your choices. First we’ll list the components that are included in all choices, and then the specific ones for each.

All of the systems available include:

  • A 304 stainless steel brew kettle
  • A 304 stainless steel removable grain basket
  • A PID digital controller (see each system below for specifics on each PID controller)
  • An ultra low watt density heating element (see each system below for specifics on each heating element)
  • A high-volume brew pump that is rated for high temperatures
  • A removable temperature probe
  • A 20-plate wort chiller
  • Silicone hoses
  • Quick release and tri-clamp fittings

The Clawhammer Supply 10 Gallon, 120v System includes:

  • 15 amp PID digital controller
  • 1650 ultra low watt density heating element

The Clawhammer Supply 10 Gallon, 240v System includes:

  • 30 amp PID digital controller
  • 5500 ultra low watt density heating element

The Clawhammer Supply 20 Gallon, 240v System includes:

  • 240v PID digital controller
  • 5500 ultra low watt density heating element

Clawhammer Supply makes some exceptionally high-quality homebrewing equipment, and users of this system have been extremely happy with it. 

Check it out on Amazon here!

Spike Solo

The Spike Solo is an incredibly high-quality, single-vessel brewing system. It is a turn-key solution for all-grain brewing that uses a large kettle and modular parts. 

The Spike Solo includes everything needed to brew. It includes a digital control panel, multi-ported brew kettle, heating element, lid, temperature probe, grain basket, and recirculation tubing. Because of its modular design, there are many options for the size and power. You can also choose whether to include a counterflow wort chiller and a pump. The Spike Solo is available with a 10, 15, or 20 gallon capacity. It’s recommended to use the 240v element. There is a 120v option for the 10 gallon system if you don’t have access to a 240v outlet.

The Spike Solo system comes standard with threaded NPT fittings. If you want to upgrade to tri-clamp fittings, the Spike + Solo features the same specs as the Spike Solo, but with upgraded tri-clamp fittings included.

Because of the range of options and extremely high build quality, pricing for this system ranges from about $1,500.00 to about $2,400.00 depending on the kettle size, heating element, chiller, and pump selected. If you can afford it, you can’t do much better than Spike Brewing Equipment!

Thanks for Reading!

These are our favorite brewing systems available now. They are the most popular, have the best reviews, and provide the most value for the price. Do you use a different system and have feedback to share about it? Leave a comment below, or post in the Brewing Equipment forums! We’d love to learn more!

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  1. Using a BIAB on the BE M&B isn’t a negative as more and more owners of all in one units are using a BIAB in the malt pipe, including the Anvil. I find by using a bag that drapes over the outside of the kettle (not just the malt pipe, it prevents grain from accidentally spilling down between the malt pipe and the side if the kettle, thereby clogging my recirc pump. It happened the first time only because by the 2nd batch, I started using a Wilser Bag.