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The Best Gifts for Homebrewers on Etsy

Looking for some inspiration on the best gifts for homebrewers? Sure, homebrewing equipment and ingredients can make great gifts, but why not get the homebrewer in your life something handmade and unique? This year more than ever, it’s important to support independent creators and artists, and Etsy is the perfect place to find awesome handmade gifts for homebrewers! Here are our favorite gifts for homebrewers available on Etsy now!

Affiliate Disclosure: BrewTogether is a participant in an affiliate program with Etsy, our favorite platform for connecting with creators of awesome handmade homebrewing gifts. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase after clicking the link, I will earn a  small commission at no additional cost to you. Please feel free to reach out with questions. Thank you for your support!

Personalized Pint Glasses

Personalized pint glasses are one of our favorite gifts for homebrewers on Etsy. They’re perfect for any homebrewer whether they brew extract or all grain, and whether they bottle or keg. MixingSpirits, the creator of these awesome glasses, can personalize the name, text, and images on pint glasses and etch them into the glass. You can even choose your glass style! These make a thoughtful gift at an affordable price, and would be any homebrewer’s new favorite glass!

An image showing the types of personalized glasses available.
There are tons of glass options to choose from when buying from MixingSpirits!

Handmade Wooden Mash Paddle

A handmade wooden mash paddle is a beautiful piece of equipment that is a great upgrade from the plastic or stainless steel spoons most homebrewers use. There are tons of designs on Etsy for different styles of mash paddle, but our favorite is this perfectly simple hard maple mash paddle from AbbeyCatBrewing. It is beautifully crafted and can have initials or a brewery name etched into it. If you’re looking for an item that will be cherished for years to come, this mash paddle is highly recommended. 

An image of two handmade wooden mash paddles
Beautifully crafted mash paddles from AbbeyCatBrewing!

Hand Turned Tap Handles

These incredible hand turned tap handles from TwistedTurningsArt make a beautiful and unique addition to your home bar! They are crafted from beautifully dyed live-edge maple burl and resin, and each has it’s own unique design. They are turned polished to perfection and ready for your custom bar. No two handles are alike, so they make the perfect gift for any homebrewer looking for a unique tap handle that stands above the rest! TwistedTurningsArt makes completely custom handles with over 250 colors to work with. They can also cast objects in the resin to give the tap handles a completely custom design! Interested in getting your own custom tap handle? Contact TwistedTurningsArt to get started!

These beautiful hand turned tap handles add a unique element to your home bar!

Personalized Six Pack Beer Caddy

If the homebrewer you’re buying for bottles their beer, a personalized six pack beer caddy makes an awesome gift for them to show off their homebrew! We love these handcrafted, rustic wood beer caddies from RelmagineBrewing, which include space for six homebrews and a built-in bottle opener! It can be personalized with your favorite homebrewer’s name or even their homebrewery logo if they have one.

An image of one of the handcrafted wood six pack beer caddies.
Handcrafted rustic wooden beer caddies from RelmagineBrewing make a great gift for homebrewers who bottle their beer!

Custom Growler

If your homebrewer has their beer kegged and doesn’t bottle anymore, choose a custom growler instead of a six pack caddy. These awesome 64oz glass growlers from GlassBlastedHomeBrew can be filled with homebrew and transported easily, while showing off your favorite homebrewer’s name or homebrewery logo. We guarantee they will love serving homebrew from their own personalized growler!

An image of the custom growler.
Personalized growlers from GlassBlastedHomeBrew make great gifts for homebrewers who keg their beer!

Personalized Beer Tasting Flight Set

One of the most fun parts of homebrewing is sharing your beer with friends, and what better way to do that than with a custom beer tasting flight set? There are a ton of styles available on Etsy, but our favorite is this awesome wooden one from DesignstheLimit. It has options for engraved glasses, personalization on the flight caddy, chalkboard for showing which beers are included, and even space for the bottle caps. Now your favorite homebrewer can share their homebrewed beer in style, complete with their name engraved into the flight set!

BrewTogether readers can get 10% off of any order over $20 for this item with promo code “BrewTogether2021”!

This personalized flight set with options for matching engraved glasses from DesignstheLimit would be an incredible gift for any homebrewer!

Personalized Homebrew Signs

No homebrewery would be complete without some custom signage! There are some awesome sign options to choose from on Etsy and they allow for a lot of personalization! We couldn’t just choose one sign option, so we recommend both these very cool weathered-look aluminum ones from LiztonSignShop, as well as these beautiful engraved wood ones from BenchMarkCustomSigns! Choose whichever you think matches your homebrewer’s personality and style best, and you’ll have the perfect gift! 

These awesome aluminum signs from LiztonSignShop add a cool antique, garage-style vibe to any homebrewery!
Beautiful engraved wooden signs from BenchMarkCustomSigns add a classic pub style to any homebrewery!

Personalized Brew Journal

A lot of brewers are logging their brews online now, but there’s still nothing quite like recording recipes by hand in your own homebrew journal. Our favorite homebrew journals are made by KegsCode, and can be personalized with your favorite homebrewer’s name, and features hop and yeast charts, glassware information, and space to record over 65 recipes!

Image of the personalized brew journal with grain, hops, and an airlock around it.
These beautiful personalized homebrew journals from KegsCode make a great gift for homebrewers that they can use every time they brew!

Personalized Coasters

Another awesome item that will set apart any home bar is a set of personalized coasters! There are tons to choose from, and our favorites are these super cool engraved stone ones from EventCityDesign and these awesome ones designed to look like burned wood made from hardboard with a cork backing using a dye sublimation process! Any homebrewer would be excited to see their name or homebrewery logo on a set of coasters, making them a great gift!

These incredibly cool hardboard and cork coasters designed to look like burned wood from TreeBudsDesigns are an awesome upgrade for any home brewery!
These awesome engraved stone coasters from EventCityDesign add a classy, personal touch to any home bar!

3D Printed Custom Tap Handles

If you really want to go above and beyond for your favorite homebrewer and they have created their own name or logo for their homebrewery, one of the coolest gifts you could get for them is a set of 3D printed custom tap handles. TazsBazaar, the creator of these amazing 3D printed tap handles, will work with you to create a 3D version of a 2D logo and will make an amazing tap handle that your favorite brewer will love showing off!

These amazing, ultra-customized 3D printed tap handles from TazsBazaar make incredible gifts for homebrewers!

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There are so many amazing personalized gifts on Etsy. Want to see more? There are tons of great official Editor’s Pick gift guides on Etsy!

What are the best gifts for homebrewers you have ever received? Leave a comment below or post in the forums!

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