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The Best Way to Order Base Malts Online

Have you been looking for the best way to order base malts online but haven’t ordered because of the high freight shipping charges? Here’s how to order base malts online without paying for shipping!

We have found that it is cheaper to order grain in 10lb increments from MoreBeer (our favorite online retailer for homebrew supplies and ingredients), which will qualify for free shipping no matter how many you order over the minimum.

For example, a 55lb sack of Rahr 2-row is is only $49.99, but it requires freight shipping, bringing the total to $83.30. That comes out to $1.51/lb including shipping.

BUT if you order Rahr 2-row in 10lb increments and order over $59.00 to get free shipping, it is only $12.99 per 10-lb bag, which (as long as you order enough for free shipping) is $1.30/lb. So, it’s cheaper AND you have more flexibility on how much you order, whether you want it milled, and they all come individually sealed. We think this is the best and most cost-effective way to order your base malts in bulk.

Also, you can support BrewTogether at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you by ordering from MoreBeer through our affiliate links! We use the small commissions we earn through those affiliate relationships to maintain this site and keep BrewTogether free!

Here is the link – thanks so much for your support!

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We hoped this saves you some money buying grain online! Leave a comment below if you have other ways to save money buying brewing ingredients online! Have questions or tips to share? The BrewTogether Forums are a great place to start the discussion!

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